Problem-Solving Methods are Not New

By applying one of the several trusted problem-solving methods, you can gain a huge competitive advantage. How? By applying a systematic approach to problem-solving, you are able to give your customers and employers exactly what they crave: consistency.

Businesses exist to solve problems. We can all name the businesses we like because they meet our needs very well. There are some that seem to get it right over and over again.


What are they doing differently?

Most of them have a mindset that encourages problem solving. And, most of these companies use problem-solving methods that help them consistently deliver the right solutions.

A method is a systematic way of doing something. Their approach can be reproduced and (maybe most importantly) taught. Whatever they do is repeated every time they are faced with a problem or want to achieve outstanding results.

Some say they Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC). This DMAIC model is typically applied when utilizing the Six Sigma methodology.

Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) is another approach. The PDCA cycle is the foundation for lean thinking as learned from the Toyota Production System (TPS).

The scientific method is another great example of a systematic approach to problem solving.

And there are several others. Most of them say the same thing with different acronyms and definitions.

So, back to the original question: What are they (high performing businesses or business people) doing differently?

Answer: They have decided that they will follow a systematic approach to addressing problems.

  • They resist the temptation to jump to solutions.
  • They follow a step-by-step approach and measure along the way.
  • They can repeat what they've done and tell you why they made a decision.

And, if the first solution is the wrong one, they are in a great position to experiment until they achieve the best outcome.

Continuous movement toward the best outcome provides a major competitive advantage. The mindset and repeatability of a good problem-solving method leads to consistency. And, consistency is very attractive. (Just ask some of the most successful franchise operators in the world.)


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