Problem Solvers Make the World a Better Place

Problem solvers can be scientists, physicians, teachers, and entrepreneurs. Regardless of profession, they all have the discipline and do the work to question the way things work.


These "solution creators" are innnovators in whatever they decide to do. They follow a systematic approach. They ask questions and seek evidence to support answers. Some even believe part of their role is to teach others how to become leaders in finding solutions.

Businesses exist to solve problems. The people that create successful businesses do the best job delivering solutions. Effective work in product development, production and operations, delivery, and customer service has made some people famous.

We can learn a lot from them.

The following people have shown or continue to show that they are great at making lives and businesses better. They have improved quality or totally changed the way we live. Following their links will take you to a discussion about what they have done and what we can learn from them.

W. Edwards Deming

Born in 1900, William Edwards Deming had a huge impact on the management, service, and product development practices of companies around the world. His resume is impressive. His impact on quality management can easily be understated.

Charles Kettering

Charles Kettering left a huge mark on the automotive industry. Born in 1876, this engineer and businessman contributed both invention and leadership. His many inventions continue to improve lives today.


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