Do you have a business process management system? (Or are you guessing?)

Think you don't need a business process management system? That's too bad- because the truth is that you already have one. Unless you have intentionally designed it, chances are it's not getting good, consistent results.


And customers can't stand inconsistency.

But the ability of your business to attract loyal customers can be developed quickly and dramatically. All you have to do is figure out how to consistently deliver what the customer wants to buy.

Consistent value creation and delivery is the goal of an effective business process management system. Let's break it down.

Business: A purposeful activity where a product or service is exchanged for something of value, ideally for a profit (or other desired result).

Process: The series of steps required to get an outcome.

Management: Dealing with or controlling people or things. (Not the same as leadership.)

System: Something that is well-ordered, repeatable, and uses data and information so learning is possible. (from the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence)

To be effective it must be:
  1. directly connected to the customer who is determining value.
  2. focused on the steps involved in producing the product or service.
  3. in control of the steps involved in producing the product or service.
  4. constantly working to understand and order all that is happening.

Everything is a process. Brushing teeth, cooking, dinner, starting a car, logging on to this site. Every activity requires that a series of steps be completed to get a result.

In the absence of clear instructions about how to do something, variability will always occur.

Variability is the opposite of what an effective business process management system delivers.

Can you clearly and confidently define the steps required in the delivery of your product or service?

What are your key processes?

Do you have standard work expectations for you and your employees?

For your business, what are the key performance indicators:

These are all questions that must be answered if you want to develop an effective business process management system. Remember, you have one whether you like it or not.

In some businesses, the employees control it. In others, the customers try (but they will ultimately give up becuase it's not their job).

The great news is these aren't tough or trick questions. They just need answers. Then you can go to work managing them.

Determine what your customer values. Develop a system to deliver that value. Stop doing everything else.

Business process management tools are very helpful.

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