Good Problem Solving Will Give You an Advantage

Effective problem solving is an important part of your success.

As a manager or business owner, you have always been a good problem solver. After all, you're in business because you have figured out how to solve a problem for your employer or customers. Your instincts have served you and your customers well.

Now, something seems different. An issue seems too big. You have an uneasy feeling about a plan or solution you have in mind. Or, you're ready to take your career or business to the next level. Something just doesn't feel right and you have a lot at stake. Your intuition is still good but you need something else.

You need a system that gives you confidence. You need a solution that will give you an advantage. You need more than instinct. You need help problem solving your greatest challenges.

You're in the right place. As you become a better problem-solver, you and your business become more valuable.

This site (and the author, should you decide to contact him) is full of ideas and tools. The tools and techniques in this site have been used in many industries. Learning to solve problems with the tools included here will save you time, stress, and mistakes.

Do you need to look at the problem from a different angle? Do you want to be sure you aren't missing something? How can you know you are making the right decision? The problem-solving tools and techniques in this site help you to choose the next best action and ignore distractions.

You can become a better problem-solver. The first pages to read are the ones about defining the problem- this is a critical step. Then, if this is your first visit, quickly read all the problem-solving steps outlined in the navigation bars.

The tools and techniques don't provide any leverage unless you learn how to use them. And then you have to apply them. Each page tries to provide theory and real life application. Please don't hesitate to send your comments or experience.

Handling change means doing things differently. Doing things differently means weighing options and making decisions. Effective problem solving can be learned. Combine your instincts with the concepts in this site. Better results in your career and business are in reach.

Problem-Solving Activities
These five problem-solving activities are critical to successful business management. Being busy might feel productive, but it is easy to confuse being busy with doing goal oriented work.
Writing a Problem Statement: The Skill to Make the Complex, Simple
Have you ever been in a conversation or meeting and wondered what you were doing there? A problem statement would have helped. You can develop the valuable (and rare) skill of clearly defining a business problem.
Goal setting. Decide what you want for your business.
Goal setting is a powerful way to provide focus and guidance to decision making. It is not hard, but setting a good, measurable goal is an important part of problem solving for business.
Problem Solvers Make the World a Better Place
Great problem solvers have changed the world. We can learn a lot from them.
Problem-Solving Quotes
Problem-solving quotes that teach, encourage, entertain, and guide. Notable quotes by famous (and some not) people that are known for solving problems.
Business Process Management System. Does your business have one?
A capable business process management system will help you answer the questions:
The illusion of control and why finding the right solution is harder than it may appear.
The 'illusion of control' is understood by managers that get results.
Key Performance Indicator
A key performance indicator tells you how your business is doing. Done well, a report of key business measures will show also show you what to improve.
Business Process Management Tools Allow Smart People to Focus
Good business process management tools can change culture, improve decision making, and prevent meaningless activity.
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